U3A in London’s Data and Privacy Policy

  1. Members’ data will only be accessed in order to communicate with them by U3A in London, by the coordinators of the groups of which they are members and by the distributors of “Third Age” to enable the members to receive this publication.
  2. The only persons entitled to access members’ data will be the individuals manning the office and only for the purpose set out in paragraph 1.
  3. Physical Data will be kept in the office, which will be kept locked at all times when it is not occupied by a member approved by the Committee to be on office duty.
  4. Data on U3A in London’s computer base is password protected and the password is only available to those members of the Committee who need it for the purposes specified in paragraph 1.
  5. Data will not be shared with other members or outside U3A in London except for purposes for which the relevant member’s consent has been obtained.
  6. U3A in London requests personal information only for membership applications and renewals and for sending communications about their involvement with the U3A. The forms used to request personal information contain a privacy statement giving information about the use to which the information will be put.
  7. The lawful basis for obtaining member information is because of the contractual relationship that U3A in London has with its members and because the members have consented to the data being held.
  8. Any member may request the deletion of his/her’s data if it is no longer required for the above purposes.