Classes B

BAHA’I FAITH Rosette Heidarieh
email: [email protected]
Tue 11.40 – 12.45 (Room 1.28)
Summer Term only. Fortnightly May 5,19. June 2, 16, 30; July 14.

An introduction to the Bahá’í Faith, some lectures, showing DVDs and discussions. “When a thought of war comes, oppose it by a stronger thought of  peace. A thought of hatred must be destroyed by a more powerful thought of love“. (Bahá’í Inspiration Amidst Disunity).

 email: [email protected]
Tue 10.30 -11.35  (Room 1.29) 
Come and enjoy the rhythms and dances of the Middle East. Great fun. Gets you moving. Beginners welcome.

BRIDGE CLASSES To make sure that you choose the right level for your standard of play, please speak to the co-ordinator first. 

Bridge: Absolute Beginners Julia Simkins
Thur 14.00 – 16.15 (Room 1.24 ) 
A one year course for those who have never played bridge before.

Bridge:  Beginners Judy Dodds
Tues 12.50 – 15.00 (Room 1.24)  starts late, on 1 October
A basic Acol course, suitable for those who have never played bridge or who have not played for many years.  Familiarity with card games like whist and solo would be an asset   The main aim is to learn bridge in a non-competitive and friendly environment.

Bridge: Beginners Second Year    Therese Jones
Mon 11.30 – 13.30 (Room 1.24) 
For members who now know the basics but want to learn more and become confident enough to join a bridge club.  Topics will include Weak two bids, Blackwood, Opening leads, Doubles [penalty and take out], the losing trick count and other useful conventions.  There will be prepared hands to practice the topic learnt or supervised play included in every class.

Bridge: Lower Intermediate  Naomi Stuart
Wed 14.00 – 16.00 (Room 1.24)
This class is aimed at those with about two or three years’ experience of bridge and a basic understanding of Acol.  We spend time at the  beginning of each lesson on a principle of  bidding or play which is then followed by  supervised play, practising these principles.

Bridge: Exciting Bridge for More Advanced Players Robert Clifton
Tue 10.30 -12.45  (Room 1.24)
We learn how make progress in Acol and Standard American Bridge, so that we can play in either system with confidence. We cover unusual bids and responses, including weak 2’s and 3’s, the unusual weak no trump, the losing trick count (and we don’t mind going one or two down!).  Opening with 2C with fewer than 23 points is OK if we have just 17 points AND 8 playing tricks.  We start with a short tutorial and then play hands relevant to the tutorial. These can be unsupervised or supervised depending on the wishes of those present.   Come to the sessions and you’ll see how interesting all this can be. Robert is an experienced club and competition player of some 50 plus years experience and welcomes any player who feels they would like to improve their game.

Bridge: Intermediate (note the time)  David Powell
email: [email protected]
Thur 11.30 – 13.45 (Room 1.24)
Generally, a topic is introduced and discussed one week, then in the following week we practise what has been learned by playing prepared hands which are then explained and discussed.  At the beginning of the year important aspects, notably opening leads, are revised. Subsequently, topics focus on aspects of the game not usually covered in beginners’ classes, such as transfers, losing trick count, weak two bids, re-opening doubles, Jacoby 2NT, Michaels, unusual NT, Roman key-card Blackwood, and others. The second half of each class is devoted to supervised play.

Bridge: Supervised Practice and Play  New  Shireen  Gunasekera
Fri 10.30 – 12.50 (Room 1.30)
For those who have some knowledge of Acol – come and enjoy a friendly group.  If you need any advice, Shireen will be happy to discuss your hand with you.

Bridge: Supervised Play  Irene Fine & Nat Diamond Tue 15.10 – 16.30 (Room 1.24)    (note the time)
Members will play the same prepared hands. Any issues arising will be explained by Irene, a very experienced player. During the first hour, Nat will assist less competent players.  emails: [email protected] & [email protected]

Bridge: Intermediate Lesson   Tony Mavropoullos
Wed 12.50 – 13.55 (Room 2.21)
The first quarter of an hour is spent in preparing the room for the session below – help is welcome.  It is followed by a teaching session which will help in learning and understanding the main aspects of bidding, declarer play and defence.  It will include some advanced topics and a variety of resources, including whiteboard and PowerPoint                  presentations.

Bridge: Intermediate Supervised Play  Tony Mavropoullos
Wed 14.00- 16.00 (Room 2.21)
The lesson (see above) is followed by a session of friendly, supervised play which requires you to play at reasonable speed.  It consists of prepared hands which will be discussed in detail at the end of the session. The group is limited to twelve playing tables.

Bridge: Advanced and Duplicate  Alan Unerman
Mon 12.50 – 16.00 (Room 2.21)
The first half hour is spent in  preparation – help is welcome.  From 13.30 there will be discussion on some advanced concepts and – from 14.00 – a friendly duplicate game.

Bridge Players  Jennie Deco & John Collins
Friday afternoons (Rooms 1.24 & 1.28)
This is a social group of members who meet to play an unsupervised game.  You are welcome to join them if your play is of a suitable standard or if you can make up your own group of four.  Leave your name in the Office and you will be contacted by one of the above.