Classes A

Wed 10.30 – 11.35 (Room 1.24)  Spring Term only.
Fortnightly on Jan 15, 29; Feb 12, 26, Mar 11, 25.

Looking at the history of this ancient civilisation.

ARABIC: BEGINNERS   New  Sharon Theodore
Tue 12.50 – 13.55 (Room 1.26)
A course for absolute beginners who would like to learn the Arabic language.

Thur 11.40 – 12.45 (Room 1.26)
For those who have some knowledge of the Arabic alphabet.  Are you curious about the language spoken by one-sixth of the world?  Are you intrigued by its unfamiliar script? Are you up for a challenge?  Arabic is a beautiful, but rather idiosyncratic language which is not impossible to learn.  Come to a friendly course.

Thur 11.40 – 12.45 (Room 1.33)
We look at Neo-Classicism in Russia and Germany. In England, especially on the west side of London, the improved construction of roads made possible the laying out of  speculative terraces and squares, including John Nash’s town planning scheme at Regent Street and Regent’s Park.

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Thur 10.30 – 11.35 (Room 1.33)
Fortnightly on Sept 26; Oct 10, 24; Nov 7, 21; Dec 5. Jan 16, 30; Feb 13, 27; Mar 12, 26. Apr 30; May 14, 28; June11, 25; July 9.

We will be focusing on Raphael, who died very young, and Titian, the last two great Masters of the Italian High Renaissance, before going on to look at Hieronymous Bosch, with his surreal but very creative paintings, and Durer, the great Master of the Northern European Renaissance.

Tue 11.40 – 12.45 (Room 1.29) Spring Term only.
Aspects of British Art 1700-1918: This course will focus on 10 London galleries (excluding the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery) and use their collections to dip into aspects of British art e.g. Kenwood House: 18th century portraiture, Tate Britain: the Pre-Raphaelites and The Imperial War Museum: war artists of WW1. The course does NOT involve any gallery visits but may inspire you to explore our amazing London collections yourself.

Visits to museums and galleries 

Autumn and Spring Terms only.  Alternate Fridays at 10.30.
Eleven visits to  Art Galleries and Museums, large and small.  Sessions of about one and a half hours.  As numbers are limited to 20, it is essential to book a place beforehand and it would be appreciated if those who apply would feel an obligation to attend the entire course – enquire in  the Office.  Introductory meeting on 27 September  at 12.30 in Room 22.

Mon 10.20 – 12.45 (Room 1.29)
You may think you are ‘useless’ at drawing and painting, but if you can tear a piece of paper or use a pair of scissors, you can make a collage. Collage uses a diverse range of materials that are all around us – different types of paper, magazines, fabrics and photographs.  All you need is scissors, glue, pens, paint and a little imagination.  Come along and have fun!

ART: PRACTICAL A  Douglas DruceTue 15.10 – 16.15 (Room 1.29)
Classical Drawing.  Learn classical techniques to enable you to draw competently. We will use plaster casts of heads and hands for you to become experts. May be extended to painting.  Please bring a drawing pad and an HB pencil.

ART PRACTICAL B Steve Stephens
Wed 10.15 – 12.00 (Room 1.29)
Did you know that a Swiss gentleman named Goldenhoff was a painter who designed and flew his own aircraft?  This class is run by an aeronautical engineer who neither designed nor flew his own aircraft.  What has this to do with an Art class?  Nothing, but Steve just thought you might like to know.

ART PRACTICAL D    Jean Hudson
email: [email protected]
Thur 10.00 – 12.30 (Room 1.29)
Water colouring at your leisure – no tuition.

ART PRACTICAL E Brenda Greenberg
Fri 10.00 – 11.30 (Room 1.29)   (Note the time)
Creative Multi-media Art (no tuition).  Create your own masterpiece in any medium you like.  Come along and join a friendly group, bringing your enthusiasm, imagination and your own materials.

ART PRACTICAL F New John MacBryde & Ivan Rappaport
Fri 11.40 – 13.10 (Room 1.29)
Artists! Do you find it difficult to work outdoors because of the materials you have to carry?  The answer is to use an iPad or iPhone.  There are several drawing and painting “Apps” that digitally simulate various media.  Come and experience digital art, and – enjoy it!