Classes D – F

DRAMA GROUP                                     Barry Rae
Thur 11.40 – 13.55 (Room 2.21)
If you are interested in acting, directing and  improvisation and would enjoy working towards productions, possibly three per year, please come along and join us.

DUTCH CONVERSATION                     Elisabeth Fantino
Wed 14.00 – 15.05 (Room 28) fortnightly on Sept 26; Oct 10, 24; Nov 7, 21; Dec 5. Jan 16, 30; Feb 13, 27, Mar 13, 27;May 1,15, 29;  June 12, 26; July 10.
Do you have some basic knowledge of Dutch?  Would you like to improve it?  I am Dutch and will encourage you to talk.  We will read or listen to texts and songs, talk about current events and anything Dutch (or indeed Double Dutch) that you may wish.

EURYTHMY A                                             Dawn Delbos
Wed 12.50 – 13.55 (Room 29)
Gentle rhythmic exercise which encourages good posture and freedom of movement.  Eurythmy, developed by Rudolf Steiner, is based on the sounds of speech and is an enjoyable antidote to the stresses of  life.  Please wear soft-soled, non-slip shoes and loose comfortable clothing.

EURYTHMY B                                             Dawn Delbos
Mon 12.50 – 13.55 (Room 29)
For those who have been doing eurhythmy for at least a year. Please wear soft-soled, non-slip shoes and loose, comfortable clothing.

EXERCISE CLASS                                         Thelma Tennant
Thur 14.00 – 15.05 (Room 2.21)
Gentle exercise based on Yoga and Pilates to improve flexibility and general fitness.  Suitable for all levels.  Please bring a mat and wear light, loose clothing.   

EXERCISE: MOVE IT OR LOSE IT                 Naomi Stuart
Mon 11.40 – 12.45 (Room 29)   N.B. Class begins late, on 8 October.
We all need to exercise, both to keep our muscles strong and to maintain our independence.  The DVD we use is age-friendly and not tremendously demanding. The exercises can be done standing or seated. Wear comfortable clothes, sensible shoes and bring water.    It’s encouraging and enjoyable – come and join us!

Wed 14.30 – 16.15 (Room 26) 
The Third Age has its particular pleasures and problems.  We aim to create an environment in which members listen to each other in anon-judgmental way, possibly using their own experience to enable others to find ways of thinking about new situations in our fast-changing world. Members will decide each week what we will think about in some depth.  Among the issues raised are likely to be: retirement, health, loss, loneliness, changing family relationships. The group will be limited to 10.

FAVOURITE THINGS                                     Hazel Brothers
Tue 12.50 – 13.55 Room 26)   Spring Term only, fortnightly on Jan 22; Feb 5,19; Mar 5, 19; Apr 2.
Show-and-Tell for grown-ups.  Participants are invited to bring in an object from home to introduce to each other. You might tell how the object was made, how you came by it, its history, why you like it. At the first session we will look at toys and picture-books from childhood.  Future subjects are likely to be made of textile, ceramic, paper, metal.  So that everyone can see and handle the objects, the class will be limited to 8.

FILMS ON FRIDAY                                         Shafeeq Siddiqui
Fri 10.30 – 12.30 (Room 22)                            email:
We will look at important developments in the world, such as Social, Political, Cultural and Global changes taking place in our times and the historical reasons involved through the world of cinema and past and present films.

FLAMENCO: A HISTORY                               Tiki Martel PLEASE NOTE LATE START
Thur 15.10-16.15 (Room 2.21) fortnightly on Oct 25; Nov 8. 22; Jan 17,31; Feb 14,28; Mar 14, 28; May 2,16, 30; Jun 13,27;Jul 11.
Unesco declared Flamenco a ‘World Heritage Treasure’ in 2016. We aim to cast light on what is badly misunderstood Flamenco in its authentic, purest form.  There is a gypsy saying: ‘that which is gypsy is found in the surge of blood and in the grooves of hands’.  This suggests that, for the Spanish gypsies, flamenco is not just poetry, song and dance of southern Spain, as it is internationally believed, but more than that, it is a way of life that influences their daily activities.

FRENCH: BEGINNERS                                   Neville Woolf
Thur 14.00 – 15.05 (Room 28)                         email:
French for Beginners is for those who would like to learn French, or who have done a little of it a long time ago and would like to improve.  The lessons cover pronunciation and grammar and we use the book Façon de Parler I and II.

FRENCH: POST BEGINNERS A                     Neville Woolf
Mon 11.00- 12.45 (Room 33)                          email:
For those who have done a year’s French.   It builds on French for  Beginners and is based on the books Dialogues en Littérature and Les Grandes Familles by Maurice Druon.>

FRENCH: POST BEGINNERS B                     Neville Woolf
Thur 15.10 – 16.15 (Room 30)                        email:
This class is for those who have spent a year in “French: Post Beginners A” and who wish to try their hand at some more challenging material in relation to both reading and  grammar. Some homework.

FRENCH: INTERMEDIATE A & B                  Joan Schlackman & Gilli Vafidis
Mon 12.50 – 13.55 (Rooms 22 and 30)
Emphasis on spoken French, vocabulary building and practical grammar. Articles from French newspapers and other texts are used for oral comprehension.

FRENCH CONVERSATION                            Michael Ellman
Wed 10.30 – 11.35 (Room 24)
Conversation simple et décontractée de tous les adhérents – avec correction des fautes plus graves – mais de façon amicale!  (The class will be conducted in French.  Reasonable conversational ability needed!).

Thur 12.25 – 13.45 (Room 28) 
Conversation each week, with grammatical explanation if needed.  Often half an hour is spent learning about grammatical definitions for English speakers.  We spend about an hour reading a novel by a contemporary author, chosen with the agreement of the class.

FRENCH: ADVANCED                                  Thelma Tennant                                                                                                              
Thur 15.10 – 16.15 (Room 33)    
For fluent French speakers. Vocabulary building, reading and discussion of newspaper articles, novels and other books in French.  Occasional grammar.

Tue 12.50 – 13.55 (Room 28)
Discussion of topics relating to modern France, such as politics, arts, social affairs. Fluent conversational ability preferred.                 

FRENCH: LE CERCLE FRANÇAIS                    Charles Fraser
Tue 11.40 – 12.45 (Room 22)      email: 
Destiné à des francophones le cercle français réunit ceux qui souhaitent lire ensemble des oeuvres littéraires, et participer a des débats sur l’actualité. Il faut parler et lire couramment le français, et être prêts à contribuer.

FRENCH CINEMA CLUB             New            Muriel Hirsch PLEASE NOTE 10:00AM START
Fri 10.00 – 12.00 (Room 33) monthly on  Sept 28; Oct 26; Nov 23; Jan 18; Feb 15; Mar 15; May 17; June14; July12.
A monthly film club with old or recent films with no English subtitles (occasionally there will be French subtitles).  There will be a 15-minute discussion in French following the film.

FRENCH GAMES AND ACTIVITIES               Muriel Hirsch
Thur 10.30 – 11.35 (Room 33). Fortnightly on Oct 4, 18; Nov 1, 15, 29; Dec 13. Jan 24; Feb7, 21; Mar 7, 21; Apr 4; May 9, 23; June 6, 20; July 4.
This class offers a new way to learn French and is for Intermediate and Advanced students.