Another meeting to discuss plans for Town Hall-20 August

The  first presentation that WacArts gave about planned developments in our Town Hall, including the future of the Atrium Café, was so well attended that we had to turn some members away.  We promised then that there would be another meeting so that if you were not able to attend you could have another chance. I’m delighted to say we have arranged this follow- up meeting for Tuesday, 20th August at 2.00 p.m. in Room 2.21.  You will be able to attend the morning talks, have lunch in the Atrium Café  and attend the meeting.  The one proviso is that once the room is full there will no further admittance as this would contravene Health and Safety regulations.  There will be room for 80 members.  Darius Khwaja, the new Chief Executive Officer of Wac Arts will be attending the meeting as well as the team that made the first presentation (Inside-Out WacArts). There will be time to hear the latest information and to ask questions.