New classes for the Summer term

Philosophy Arnold Zuboff, a new member, starts this class on Thursdays at 15.10 in Room 1.29. We will discuss philosophical questions including Descartes, Hume, Kant, Nietzsche, scepticism, proofs of the existence of God, the mind/body problem, personal identity and the basis of morality.”

Shakespeare’s Tragedies Brian Vickers another new member, will be starting with an introduction on Thursday 29 April at 14.00 in Room 1.33.

Exercise: Move well, feel great! Pieta Ruck Keene, another new member is offering an exercise class particularly suitable for those who are less mobile or recovering from injury or illness. Tuesdays at 12.50 in Room 1.22.

Pre Pilates, Step 2 Gilli Vafidis starts in Room 2.26 on Thursdays at 15.10.