Good news – additional classroom added

You will be pleased to hear that another room has become available for us at short notice and we have decided to take it – initially for one year. It is Room 2.26, opposite the rear door of Room 2.21. It is a reasonable size and we calculate that it can seat about 30 people. Do NOT confuse it with Room 1.26 – the prefix 1. always indicates floor 1. the semi-basement – and the prefix 2. always indicates floor 2 which is, confusingly, the ground floor. I have, as a result, been able to move some of our classes (but not all, I’m afraid) from the Aspern Centre back into the Town Hall. I have also been able to offer breathing space to some very squashed up classes!
The times of classes have not been changed, only the rooms of those classes which are affected. A new handbook will be printed early in October which will incorporate all the changes which have taken place since the last one was printed in May.
I hope you are looking forward to the new term which begins on 24 September.
All the best, Amalia