Courses – C

Fri 10.45 – 12.30 (Room 26)
This is an ongoing course in Mandarin. Some knowledge of the language is required.

CINEMA 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 For people who love films! Wally Howard
Cinema 1
Miscarriages of Justice and Causes Célèbres
Mon 14.00 – 16.15 (Room 22)
This class will consist of films to illustrate cases both historical and recent.

Cinema 2 Master Class
Wed 10.30 – 13.00 (Room 22)
In this class a detailed analysis and study of notable films will be undertaken. There will be an opportunity for class members to take part in discussion.

Cinema 3
Wed 14.00 – 16.05 (Room 22)
This class will provide the opportunity for viewing the best of international cinema.

Cinema 4
Thur 11.30 – 13.00 (Room 22)
This class will show a mixture of International Documentary films and Feature films on important topics.

Cinema 5
Thur 14.00 – 16.05 (Room 22)
Films of different genres from around the world – old and recent.
N.B. If the films are long, members unable to stay for the complete screening are reminded that leaving early will disturb others.

COMPUTING CLASSES Ann Watkins (Registrar)
Courses marked with a star (*) are limited to a maximum of 6 participants so that each person has the attention of the co-ordinator. Enrolment is by application – please ask for a form in the Office and you will be notified when a place is available on your chosen course.


*Basic Computing Alan Unerman
Tue 13.50 – 14.55 (Room 26)
“Computers ain’t what they used to be!” A practical discussion group on what computers are now, what they can do for you and what you want them to do. We will include demonstrations and there will be an opportunity for you to learn and practise new ideas. You may bring your own laptop or tablet if you need help with it.

*Learn to use your iPad Ivan Rappaport
Mon 12.50 – 13.55 (Room 26)
OR *Your iPad explained Jan Potter
Thur 12.40 – 13.45(Room 26)
The basic techniques for using an iPad or iPad mini are covered. These are structured courses and hand-outs are given each week to aid explanation and as reminders for the future. Students will gain enough confidence to explore the many features of iPad for themselves.

*Getting The Most From Your iPad John O’Sullivan
Thur 15.00 – 16.05 (Room 26) Autumn and Spring terms only.
This class will explore the basic functions and also some of the ‘Apps’ you can run on your iPad. As well as mastering the basics, students will be encouraged to talk about new Apps they have discovered and found particularly useful. Hand-outs will be given to aid explanation and enable practice between sessions. Part of the session will be devoted to answering questions on difficulties encountered.

*Using Tablets and Smartphones Alan Unerman
Tue 11.30 – 12.35 (Room 26)
A discussion on how tablets, smartphones and similar devices work and what “Apps” may be useful. Participation is welcome from those attending.

COMPUTER DROP-IN SESSIONS Digital Photography Robert Bruckner & Geoffrey Stuart Mon 11.40-12.45 (Room 26) A series of drop-in sessions called “Know your camera and Basic Photo Editing” on your computer. If you are new to photography and have a compact camera or if you are an old hand with a digital SLR or have a camera with an electronic viewfinder – we can help. For photo editing we will be using a free programme called Picassa and you will learn how to carry out basic functions such as cropping, adjusting brightness and contrast, printing a photo and putting one on line.

*Using Tablets and Smartphones Alan Unerman
Tue 11.30 – 12.35 (Room 26)
A discussion on how tablets, smartphones and similar devices work and what “Apps” may be useful. Participation is welcome from those attending.

Computers,Tablets, Smartphones and you Shaf Siddiqi
Wed 10.20 – 11.25 (Room 26)
This will give you an awareness of what can be done with those wretched things. Drop in if you have problems using them and demystify issues relating to this technology.

Drop in for Computer Tips Elana Gal – Edd
Thur 11.30 – 12.35 (Room 26)
For Laptops, Desktops and iPads.
This class is a drop-in session for anyone who is having difficulties in getting started or would like to improve their skill level. It will help you to use the various features that are available on computers to enable you to explore the world at your finger tips.

Fri 10.30 – 12.15 (Room 33)
A Tool for Everyday Life. Why is “Conscious Awareness” important for everyday living? In this interactive (and hopefully fun) course we explore the many ways in which our lives can become richer and more effective by integrating its techniques into daily living. We can choose to live in a way where much of life will pass us by, or we can become more aware that our very being can make our lives so much richer. We will each explore our own lives and look at how we function. What comes to light will amaze you and hopefully by the end of the course you will have gained some new and wonderful life tools.

Tue 13.50 – 14.55 (Annexe)
Mon 10.10 – 11.30 (Room 2.21)
Country Dancing needs agility, stamina, a sense of rhythm and balance. If you can skip and hop, that is fine, but mostly quick rhythmic walking is all you need. You will improve with practice and then dancing will be fun!

Tue 12.40 – 13.45 (Annexe)
This session is for a small group of people who are familiar with the Country Dance vocabulary and can easily manage the steps and figures.

Mon 12.15 – 13.40 (Annexe)
This class is for knowledgeable dancers who just want to have fun. We operate at a fast walking speed doing dances we know. If you have the rudiments of country dancing do come and see if you can manage at this level.

Wed 15.00 – 16.05 (Room 33)
Cryptic crosswords appear daily in the press. Solving them needs a good vocabulary and lateral thinking, but there are some conventions to learn before you can tackle them with confidence. We will try to solve a few puzzles together, and participants will then be able to explore the fascinating world of the crossword on their own.