Oonagh Lahr – Greek literature coordinator – 1929 – 2017

Oonagh receiving her certificate for 25 years teaching at U3A London in 2012

Oonagh Lahr was born in London in 1929 and was first educated by her father, Charles Lahr. She later attended Royal Holloway College, London University, the Universities of Bristol and Birmingham and finally in the late sixties was in HM Prison Holloway as a result of her Committee of 100 civil disobedience.

Oonagh has taught adults most of her life, often unpaid; at the Workingmen’s College for twenty years and at U3A London for nearly thirty years. She was a teacher at Dacorum College of Further Education for twenty years.

The most important event in her teaching career was her move from teaching English and English literature to teaching Greek literature in translation. Oonagh suddenly started to write poetry at the age of twenty eight as an alternative to a nervous breakdown and as an inspired response to the collapse of her academic career.

Comparative literature, sculpture and painting were her favourite diversions and her favourite poets were Homer and Shakespeare.

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