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The University of the Third Age, or U3A as it is commonly known, was based on an original idea from France and founded in this country in 1982 by Brian Groombridge in London and by Peter Laslett in Cambridge.  As we were the first U3A in London, we continue to use that name, although there are now many more in Greater London and over 800 throughout the country.  In common with all others, our U3A consists of a group of men and women who are no longer in full time employment and meet together to study a wide range of subjects.  In our case all meetings (except Monday Talks) take place in the old Hampstead Town Hall, on Monday to Friday during term time. There are currently about 180 study groups on offer, all of which are run by members.  We are all volunteers: no-one who works in our U3A in any capacity is paid.  

We are not a university in the modern sense of a body which awards degrees, but in the original sense of a community of  people engaged in learning - and learning from each other.  Many of our tutors are highly qualified - other very popular tutors have no qualifications at all.  It is a policy of our U3A that no qualifications are requested, and none are given. We offer no examinations, certificates or qualifications: we study for the pleasure of learning, and the leaders of our groups are called “co-ordinators” rather than teachers or lecturers, because learning is seen as a co-operative process.

Like all other U3As we are autonomous: we make our own rules and regulations and are responsible to no higher authority.  We receive no government or  local authority grant and are entirely self-financing.  There is also a national organisation called the Third Age Trust which represents the U3A movement in the UK and provides support, advice and a wide range of services to new and existing U3As. 

Once you have paid the annual fee there are no other charges except for some special events.  You can attend any study group you wish and also the Monday talks without further payment.  The only limitation is that some groups may become full, in which case you may put your name on a waiting list.

                          U3A in London

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Our address is  

U3A in London,

Old Town Hall,

213, Haverstock Hill,

London NW3 4QP

(we are roughly a 2 minute walk from Belsize Park Tube station).

Our terms for 2014-5 are as follows:-



22 September to 12 December, 2014


12 January to 27 March, 2015


20 April to 17 July, 2015


(There are no half-term holidays)


Also see the page on “Special Events”

for details of Monday Talks and what happens in the Easter and Summer breaks.

“...and all the knowledge we possess, we mutually impart “   - Princess Ida, W S  Gilbert

U3A in London is a company limited by guarantee. 

Registration No 1752272.  Regd. Charity No 288434

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Programme for 2014/5

Updated on

11 September 2014

An Easter Conference

Naomi Stuart (Chairman) and

Amalia Michaels (Vice-Chairman)